Interactive trivia game for corporate events

Online Pub Quiz
Playing separately, Feeling together

Entertaining and intelligent activity
Answer trivia quiestions and solve brain teasers with your teammates
Funny teams get bonus points 🙂

An Excellent Team Building Experience

1. Online Group Game

  • , A top producer of trivia content - providing corporate entertainment for Facebook, Amazon, Motorola, Mobileye and top academic institutions and NGOs
  • Players communicate with their team using an embedded video, and fill in the answer sheet together.
  • Simple and easy system - just open the link in your computer browser, and you're set to play!

2. What the Game Includes

  • Four to Sic rounds, with 10 questions per round
  • Including open question, musical trivia and graphic brain teasers
  • Adjusted to the audience's demographics and interests
  • We can add customized rounds or questions regarding the company or the teams
  • The game runs for 1 hour, but can be shortened or prolonged by request

Our Platform

  • A game can host up to 300 players
  • The players are divided to teams (4-10 players per team)
  • The platform can be branded
  • We can add customized questions about organization and the team
  • Simply click the link to launch the games in a web browser (no mobile browsers)

To watch a demo, please contact us as 972-52-724-1777

MYQuiz was founded in 2014 by Michael Shapira and Yael Bezalel, with one exciting mission in mind: to introduce the idea of nightlife designed for smart people. 

MYQuiz was born out of our mutual love of knowledge and competitive games. Inspired by the British tradition of Pub Quizzes, We came up with a fresh and fun format.

Our online platform was developed as a response to the COVID19 crisis. We are proud to go on entertaining audiences and connecting friends in these turbulent days. 

Our Clients

For further details please contact us, 

we'll be happy to help 🙂

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